Meet Our Startups

Delighted to unveil the twelve impact-driven startups selected for our Rural Spain ClimAccelerator program first cohort

Water2kW disruptive and patented technology is the only solution on the market for producing green hydrogen through electrolysis, contributing to the achievement of 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Its unique process produces #green hydrogen and generates the necessary conditions for human development, the environment, and biodiversity protection. In addition, technology allows for the improvement of industrial processes.
@Water2kW technology takes advantage of the electrolysis byproducts to generate, among others, electricity, drinking water, ecological disinfectants (H2O2), as well as cold and heat for climatization, making it a 100% circular process. All this without reducing water resources or discharging polluting byproducts into the environment thanks to H2umidity®

CLIC RECYCLE is a circular business that recycles and reutilizes human hair waste into circular design applications and products for two main areas: marine environment preservation and regenerative agriculture.

On a mission to harness the potential of human hair waste across a spectrum of circular design applications, with the goal to optimise waste utilisation and reduce its environmental footprint.

ForestChain is a company dedicated to providing digital solutions to ensure the traceability of wood in its custody chain, in order to comply with legal requirements for legal timber (EUTR, Lacey Act). They also aim to facilitate the acquisition and maintenance of certifications in sustainable management (FSC, PEFC) and the trade of species listed in CITES. With ForestChain, companies can track the traceability and legality of wood right from its origin. Additionally, our software allows businesses to comprehensively manage their operations. For environmentally-conscious buyers of wood products, simply scanning a QR code provides access to the product’s history and its impact on sustainable forests.
Agrolinera Astur develops and operates technologies to facilitate the collection and valorization of whey and manure in traditional dairy communities.
Their goal is to improve the quality of life for farmers by enabling them to economically and sustainably manage the waste they generate.
So they can comply with regulations, protect the environment, and maintain population in rural communities.
By digitizing procedures, they have reduced costs and environmental footprints while promoting efficient resource utilization.
XIZAN, pioneers innovativ solar solutions with MY SOLAR PLANT. They have a user-centric approach based on an easy-to-use solar generation system adaptable for diverse self-consumption needs. Seamlessly transitioning between permanent home solar and portable modes, users enjoy unparalleled flexibility and performance. XIZAN empowers individuals to harness solar energy efficiently, whether for sustained residential use or on-the-go applications
VISUAL revolutionizes farm management with its cloud-based platform tailored for sustainable crop cultivation. Leveraging geospatial technology and advanced data analytics, VISUAL empowers farmers to make informed, data-driven decisions for optimizing yields. By offering systematic control and real-time visibility over agricultural assets, the platform delivers substantial input savings of up to 40% and productivity increases of 25%. Through the aggregation of diverse data sources, including satellite imagery, weather reports, and sensor data, VISUAL generates interactive, detail-rich maps of farmland. Users can customize maps using various modules and color codes to track crop yield, monitor worker productivity, and forecast future yields with precision, thanks to powerful machine learning models.
Planetai Space are pioneers of a technological platform harnessing scientific disciplines like Earth Observation, Machine Learning, Physics, Astrophysics, and Theoretical Chemistry to unveil nature’s hidden value. By quantifying pollutants’ impact on ecosystems and gauging their health across timeframes, they empower informed environmental stewardship.
Utilizing their Quantum Rating methodology, valorized environmental assets based on their capacity to enrich the ecosystem. For instance, carbon sinks like forests are evaluated for their contribution. With a commitment to sustainable practices, Planetai Space is revolutionizing how we understand, preserve, and leverage the natural world for a better future.
They are rewriting the narrative of success by turning small villages into vibrant hubs for remote work and restoration. In response to the mass migration to cities that exacerbated inequality, climate change, and polarization, we’re leading a movement to bring balance back to rural areas.
Partnering with rural communities, they provide a comprehensive package for remote workers, offering accommodation, coworking spaces, and a curated program of workshops and activities. Their goal is to create environments where individuals can slow down, reconnect with nature, and thrive professionally and personally.

Zenit operates as a SaaS-enabled marketplace, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to facilitate the creation and management of smart energy communities.

The model’s core is the Gecoen module, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that empowers energy community managers with a 360º view and control over various aspects. This module allows users to monitor their consumption and receive guidance to maximize savings, among other features. Additionally, it allows managers to expedite the digital creation of the legal entity, as well as add or remove members and manage statutes electronically. Beyond these functionalities, the platform includes an accounting system and the capability to create digital twins simulating energy communities. This enables measurement of economic and environmental impacts for more informed decision-making.

Nellie Atlantic offers small-scale biorefinery modules that convert locally available agricultural residues and food processing waste streams into renewable energy products like biogas and biofertilizers.

Their modular systems are designed to unlock the value from farm and food production byproducts at the source, turning these waste streams into sustainable revenue opportunities while benefiting local rural economies.
Turning overlooked organic materials into in-demand, climate-friendly products capture new income from waste resources that previously had associated disposal costs. This allows profitability and sustainability opperations while catalyzing local circular economies centered on agricultural communities.

Floc Ammonia produces innovative equipment that recovers Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium from manure reducing soil and underground water contamination. With this recovery, we facilitate the production of organic and inorganic fertilizers.
Our product, based on a patented technology, needs no energy source for the process and works under normal conditions.
Livestock operations and farmers have a new revenue stream.
As a direct result, we contribute to solving problems related to soil and underground water contamination.
Tunnll is a digitized public transport operator for those small towns that do not have local public transport. They enable access to key services within every targeted small town so that any resident can access any of the town amenities.
Tunnll is a next-generation passenger transportation service. It is a smart mobility system for small towns, capable of serving a substantial amount of additional passengers with the same number of buses and drivers typically used in the industry. At the same time, it brings absolute car-free smart mobility to the town’s residents: with Tunnll, anyone can order a bus ride with a smartphone app, just like any other modern app-enabled ride-sharing or taxi service.