We are a private innovation agency created to support entrepreneurs and SMEs to give life to their ecological and socially innovative initiatives. We materialise ideas that solve fundamental European challenges and improve people’s quality of life. 

 At Innobound, we are driven by a profound belief in the power of innovation to enhance people’s lives and contribute to a better world. We understand that every ground-breaking innovation originates from a single spark of inspiration, and an unwavering passion to create change. These qualities resonate deeply with us because we embarked on our own journey from simple beginnings in 2021. 

Over the years, we have experienced both remarkable successes and formidable challenges. However, these experiences have shaped us, reinforcing our identity as an organisation committed to fostering innovative initiatives that positively transform the world. Our evolution has led us to become a prominent open innovation agency dedicated to advancing the Green Transition across Europe. 

We pride ourselves on being an integral part of a vast global network that includes start-ups, research and technology organisations, universities, and private and public entities. Our daily efforts revolve around forming connections and actively facilitating, actualising, and funding innovative solutions. Our ultimate aim is to champion initiatives that play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges posed by the European Green Deal. 

At Innobound, we are not just passionate about innovation, we are dedicated to making it a driving force for a sustainable and prosperous future. 


Our Focus

We hold ourselves to our three main goals:


Ambitious and lasting green technology development and innovation that contributes to conquer the European Green Deal framework.


We look at sustainable projects from across the globe that are changing the sustainability landscape for the best.


We aim to generate technology and innovation that can solve societies challenges and generate jobs.



1. Innovation Consultancy

We take a systematic approach to innovation for defining, scouting, partnering, developing, funding, and validating your initiative. 

2. Innovation Valorisation

Innovation Products and services valorisation. Matchmaking with needs.

3. Innovation Project Management

Project design, planning, and management. Estartegic funding Matrix. Development and matchmaking with partners. 

4. Innovation Discovery

Our service helps you gain the competitive advantage you need to better attune your product, service, or innovation. Through state of the art technological surveillance and prospective tech knowledge maps. 

5. Co-innovation

Our linking service supports you in connecting to innovative projects, innovators, and consortia. Through challenges, grants, tenders, and the public procurement of innovation. 

Our Podcast “Becoming Greener” is a significant aspect of Innobound’s pledge for the EU Climate Path. The podcast is a space aimed at sharing innovative initiatives that can help us achieve the ambitious challenge of the EU Green Deal Framework: transforming Europe into the first net-zero continent by 2050, with significant milestones to be reached by 2030.

CEO’s journey is a SaaS platform to guide founders of start-ups, spin-offs, and tech SMEs through their entrepreneurial journey. It serves as a virtual compass, mapping the key stakeholders of the innovative ecosystem and providing an intuitive guide tailored to the specific needs of the CEO, the platform enables founders to raise funds, validate ideas, pivot strategies, and seek mentoring based on the companies stage and type.

Green Tech village is a proposal for creating an entrpreneurial, innovative green village in a depopulated town in Europe. The idea is to develop a living lab town that allows testing of the latest innovative Greentech, cleantech, and agrotech initiatives that aim to contribute to the development of a robust ecosystem, which brings together public and private players for rural communities to thrive and be an attractive place for innovators to work and live. 

Our Partners

We are ambassadors for: