Bounding Innovation for a better future

We support promising ideas that contribute solving main society’s challenges, creating the best knowledge-based innovative projects with Startups, SME’s and Corporates. Our expertice area is sustainability, green technology and social innovation



We offer opportunities to co-create innovation with appropriate partners so you can promote and validate your initiative. 

We help you to establish synergies with different stakeholders in the European innovative ecosystem. Adding a degree of internationalization to your initiative

Innovation Consultancy

Thanks to our know-how in innovation management, we create and optimize innovative projects integrating technologies, talent, and the necessary resources to carry out the initiative.

We promote collaboration with other entities that help to achieve greater visibility in the market and positioning in its sector.

Innovative Project Funds

We identify the most appropriate financing opportunities for your project, your needs and your financial situation.

We design a tailor-made financing strategy that allows us to support you in every step of your initiative that allows you to validate it and position yourself in your sector.

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About us


Born as a private innovation agency, with the dream of promoting the best sustainable and social innovation projects worldwide. We create a relational environment that helps to consolidate the synergy of the Spanish Innovative Ecosystem.


Our Supportive Partners

Opportunities to drive innovation

The European Financial Framework (MFF), endowed with more than 1 million euros for 2021-2027, offers to finance innovative projects that support the great European challenges.

At INNOBOUND, we help you discover and access financing opportunities through European grants that best suit your project.

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