David Muñoz Tirado

Supply Chain & Electrified Systems.

Business-focused, able to plan strategically and analytically, implementing long and short-term projects through team leadership and effective management. Passionately market and results-driven, always committed to the Team I work with. Capable learner able to integrate and lead quickly.

My areas of expertise include incubation, acceleration, industrialization

What is your superpower?

Resilience, diligence, strategy, advisor’s board.

My Favorite Quote How does success look like? | Do your utmost

María Cano

Impact Entrepreneurship specialist

After 18 years of experience in senior management positions in several countries within the Automotive, IT, and Electronics Industries, I felt I wanted to create a project with a positive impact that could add value to society. In 2017, I made the sustainable brand Canussa. In 2023, I launched Canussa Lab to transform waste into designer products. On top of being an entrepreneur, I love supporting other entrepreneurs.

My areas of expertise include Impact Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy, Sustainable Fashion, and International Trade Marketing.

What is your superpower?

I share my experience and knowledge with other entrepreneurs who want to find solutions that contribute to a better world.

My Favorite Quote buy less, choose well, make it last

Pedro Gensini

Project Manager  Helsinki Incubator

I am a project manager and entrepreneurship expert with knowledge and skills in business development, product/service development, monitoring & evaluation, agile project management, and social entrepreneurship. I have great expertise in liaising with private, public, and non-profit organizations to achieve positive impact and common goals. I have over a decade of experience in dynamic cross-cultural work environments. Finally, I can conduct business in English and Spanish.

My areas of expertise include ideation, problem formulation, business model, M&E and impact assessment, client/user identification, project management, agile methodologies, storytelling and pitching, networking strategies, and product/service development.

What is your superpower?

My superpower consists of being able to influence the mood of the people around me positively and spreading a good attitude, joy, positivity, and a can-do attitude to people.

My Favorite Quote The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Pedro Sáez Martínez

Strategic Designer for positive impact.

Strategic Designer, co-founder at Monnou · creative regeneration, practical philosopher, researcher, Ph.D. candidate, trainer, and inspirator. I have experience in cooperation for development, R&D and product design, marketing and communication, and everything related to circular economy, sustainability, and social impact.

My areas of expertise include Strategic Design, Strategy for Innovation, Sustainable Marketing, Sustainable UX, and Sustainable Branding.

What is your superpower?

Creative, connector, and facilitator. I imagine things, and I make them happen. I can switch from a zoom-out perspective to detail with agility. Humble, I like to potentiate collaboration across different disciplines and cultures.

My Favorite Quote  “Utopia is on the horizon. I walk two steps, it moves two steps away, and the horizon runs ten steps further. So what is utopia for? For that, it serves to walk”.

Martina Luckanicova

Innovation ecosystem Builder.

Martina is an innovation consultant at SpeedOut Advisory with 13+ years in entrepreneurship. I specialize in tech transfer and open innovation and catalyze value creation for public and private entities. Noteworthy roles include various startup project development, Numa Barcelona acceleration program management, and the design of entrepreneurial journeys. Starting as an HR Development Specialist at T-Systems, she led a program for 2000 employees. I hold a Ph.D. in Knowledge Management, among others.

My areas of expertise include business development, business models, innovation, tech transfer, investor deck & pitching to investors/other stakeholders, leadership, process optimization, key metrics – choosing a north star metric, and organizational development.

What is your superpower?

My superpowers encompass observational and analytical skills, a holistic view of businesses, critical and creative thinking, a passion for initiating new projects, building capacity, versatility and flexibility, a problem-solving attitude, and leadership.

My Favorite Quote “Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you’re alive, it isn’t.” (Richard Bach)

Ralph Michaud

Entrenpreneur and Startup Mentor.

Innovative and results-oriented leader with over 20 years of international experience in different sectors. Technological entrepreneur, mentor, and lecturer. Exceptional communicator and networker with excellent leadership, planning, analytical skills, and a great attitude to solve problems and meet objectives. Always learning.

My areas of expertise include Mentoring. Lean startup. Business management. Project management. Pitching. Business plan. Round preparation. Supply chain management.

What is your superpower?

I am an excellent communicator and mentor. People enjoy my masterclasses and mentoring sessions and are satisfied with the results. Recommendations can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

My Favorite Quote Find the opportunity in every difficulty.

Evelio Jimeno Ruiz

Public Financing Consultant.

Evelio Jimeno Ruiz is an Expert in R&D funding programs such as Horizon Europe and the Spanish Next Generation.

Evelio graduated in Industrial Engineering in 2006 with a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Project Management and has studied part of his studies in Ireland. He then worked as an engineer before moving into sales and consulting. In 2016, he founded EJ Innovation, a consultancy firm that helps startups and deep tech companies secure funding from European and Spanish grants.

My areas of expertise include Public Funding, Startups, Strategy, Business Models, Horizon Europe, and the European Innovation Council.

What is your superpower?

Raise public funds for Deep Tech Startups in Europe and Spain.

My Favorite Quote “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

Andreina Castro López

Business Developer.

Mother and enthusiastic professional in constant growth and development. I have built my professional career in administrative management, planning, business development, and private investment projects.
I have digital skills that allow me to connect and support entrepreneurs in the different operational areas of the business, mainly during their beginnings, and excellent social skills to look for synergies between people. Proactive, committed, and supportive.

My areas of expertise include business development and business administration.

What is your superpower?

I am passionate about connecting with people, serving, listening, supporting, and empathizing from any area of life.

My Favorite Quote “What the heart truly desires, the mind ends up showing it” Mario Alonso Puig

Chema Leal

Program Manager & Ecosystem Builder

I am Program Manager and Ecosystem Builder at Opentop_Hub, the new port hub in Valencia that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in the maritime sector. With more than five years of experience in project management, mentoring, and community revitalization, my mission is to create and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, facilitating the connection between startups, investors, and relevant organizations.

My areas of expertise include innovation, networking, and business.

What is your superpower?

Connect and empathize.

My Favorite Quote My passion is to see how an entrepreneur can get out of any problem for what he fights for.

Miguel Carrone

Innovation & Growth Advisor

As the CEO of Latam Connect, I lead a program that accelerates startups and fosters innovation between Latam and Spain. Through dynamic and strategic connections, I empower the talent of Latam entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in the main Spanish cities. I have over 15 years of experience in marketing, business administration, and entrepreneurship, with a Master in Business Administration focused on marketing and administration.

My areas of expertise include Go To Market Strategy, Growth Haking, Business Model, Lean Startup

What is your superpower?

Creativity, Vision 360º.

My Favorite Quote “Winners never quit and those who quit never win.” —Vince Lombardi

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