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We advise you to increase the chances of success of your innovation projects and also to obtain financing for them.

Our Services

Innovation consultancy

Help you shape your proposal to increase the chances of success of your innovation projects and obtain financing for them.

Developing a comprehensive management program from the conception of the idea or project to the closing

Keep updating your initiative by studying the state of the art of your innovative idea.

Keep aligned your proposal with the legislation and other applicable regulations.

Reinforce the technical and business benefits of your R + D + I and/or IT project.

Supporting you to define the necessary resources of the project and a strategic implementation plan



Definition of the consortium’s needs (profiles, packages, budget) as well as its search for profiles and resources to form the consortium
We support you in the search for partners for your innovative initiative, from startups and universities and technology providers


Support with client profile preparation, development of the project idea, and search for new consortia international partners for cooperation projects.

Active search for opportunities to participate in national or international projects.

innovation funds

We analyze the ways and opportunities of public and private financing at the local, national and European levels.

Plan your project financing. Helping you with preparing the strategic plan and financing matrix.

Preparation, processing, and submission of the proposal to obtain public and/or private financing

Support in the negotiation and signing of the contract with the financing grant

our especiality

Green TEch

Ambitious and lasting green technology development and innovation that contribuite to conquer Europen Green Deal Framwork

Social Innovation

Technology and Innovation that can solve society challenge and generate jobs


We look at sustainable projects from across the globe that are changing the sustainable landscape for the best.

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