About Us

We are a private innovation agency created to support entrepreneurs and SMEs to bring their ecological and socially innovative initiative to life. We dedicate to helping ideas that bring solutions to our most significant challenges and improve people’s lives.


Supports innovative social and environmental projects, including startups and SMEs, by finding the best funding grants, partners, and networking.


Become a European reference entity that promotes the most remarkable social innovation and disruptive green projects with worldwide impact.


Use our skills and resourses to live the world the best we have founded


Passionate about how innovative initiatives can improve people’s lives and make the world a better place. For ten years, I have worked as a mentor and trainer for industrials research, social innovators, and green tech startups to promote and define their initiative and networking in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
That’s why I have founded InnoBound, a company looking to reinforce the innovation ecosystem by providing proper guidance, business strategy, business model validation, networking support, funds alternative to transform their initiative into a consolidated company.